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It is our vision to add value in a manner that is holistic, and impacts growth and success at a fundamental level of all the Industry domains. Hence, we have acquired expertise that allows us to contribute to industry verticals.

To back this, we possess a diversely equipped fleet, trained manpower with an understanding of varied sectors and a network that is accessible to multiple industry domains.

Thus enabled, we are trusted solution providers for a gamut of businesses today.


The Indian automotive market is one of the fastest-growing ones in the world. However, it is also faced with cost pressures and efficient logistics can play a key role in easing them. Fluctuating demands, tight schedules, and newer products also add to the need for reliable and responsible logistics providers. Reducing transit damages is also cited as a key focus area going ahead for automobile logistics.  The host of international players operating in the Indian space also expect their logistic providers to play an increasingly strategic role, acting as business associates rather than a mere implementer.Armed with this close understanding of the sector and deep experience,


The construction industry in India is closely tied to the Real Estate sector, which is undergoing tremendous growth. Hence the logistics of construction and building materials is already seeing stiff competition and businesses are seeing logistics as a key area where wastage can be reduced. Also, a lower carbon footprint is another result expected from the logistics providers, besides requiring transportation of diverse materials ranging from small scale steel structures to larger projects. Vas Logistics understands and appreciates these requirements, and is already driving logistics for a number of businesses in this domain, Vas Logisticsextends specialized services.


This steel and iron ore industry require transportation of a diverse set of materials including special plates, wires, high tech pipes, high-performance rails, etc. In transit, protection is also important as products require withstanding stress and avoiding damage around the edges. Transportation weight loss and quality control are also important concerns in this segment. Appreciating these sector nuances, Vas Logistics possesses a thorough understanding of this industry, and is a respected and trusted solutions provider in this space as it offers the following special services:

Heavy Engineering and EPC

Indian Sectors such as the Power and Telecom are witnessing huge growth, gearing up rapidly to address the power shortages faced. While extensive capacity additions are adding to the logistic demands in these Sectors, the Indian Heavy Engineering and EPC sector requires movement of heavy equipment, and hence needs logistics providers with capabilities to meet that, especially ODC services. At the same time, inventory build-up and management of reverse logistics becomes important for the businesses in this sector. 



Vas Logistics has a strategic business unit that offers customized supply chain solutions associated with the Agro Products, Food, and Feeds Industry.


We provide transportation, loading, unloading, and handling for all Agro related projects and can improve efficiency from the producer to the customer with our own road transportation, warehousing, bulk storage, containerized freight, and bulk vessel charter solutions.

Vas Logistics unit offers excellent cross-connectivity on major operating routes across India due to our extensive transportation knowledge. We move a multitude of products across critical sectors to ensure consistent, on-time performance for our customers. Our services, experience, and infrastructure allow for the free movement of goods is a key element in achieving sustainable Agro, Food, and Feeds security.


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